April 2019 Employee of the Month

We have chosen Caroleen (Carol) Loeback for employee of the month of March.

Carol has worked for us since 9/7/18 as a CNA. Carol works consistently and is requested by multiple clients to pick up shifts. She Is a hard worker, self starter and team player. Thanks for your hard work and dedication Carol, we appreciate you!

  Carol receives $50 on her check 

“Hi there. I have my CNA and sometimes work the floor if needed (whether I’m filling in as scheduler or not). This morning I had the privilege of working with Carol, and I just wanted to tell you that I am glad that I had that opportunity. She was wonderful to work with, and even though it was her first time at our facility, she just rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She impressed me with her work ethic and just overall positive attitude.
I felt like someone just really needed to know that. She’s a gem, and I enjoyed working with her.“