“There are currently 15 million Americans providing unpaid care for someone wiith Alzheimer’s or dementia, and this survey shows that we must alleviate the weight on the shoulders of these individuals,” said Ruth Drew, Director of Family and Information Services for the Alzheimer’s Association. “It’s a problem that’s only going to get worse. As life expectancies get longer and the number of older Americans grows rapidly, so too will the number of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and family members affected.” Click here to see how you can help.

Celebrating National
Nursing Assistants Week

June 15 through June 22 is the week that we recognize our CNA's and all that you do.
We want to thank all of our Tri-State family of CNA's for bringing patience, a caring attitude and wisdom to their practices. We recognize that this can be a challenging career and appreciate your dedication.

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Hi I’m Cory. I’m one of the Staffing Coordinators here. I have a BFA in General Theatre. I’m also a former circus worker and phlebotomist. I found my way to Tri-State after my adventure with the circus left me short on funds. I like the feeling of knowing I’m helping people find work and they in turn help those who are truly in need them.
Basically I call employees and facilities and try to match them up. So that our employees get the hours they want and the facilities get the coverage they need.
Since taking my position with Tri-State I’ve been able to focus more on weight lifting and running. I currently run 3 miles in 36 minutes and am pushing to try my first 5K.

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June is the Time to cash in!
When you work 32 hours each week during the month of June you will be entered into a drawing to win
$200 toward the purchase of concert tickets (We will reimburse you). So set up your schedule now!