Please read this thoroughly, this is all important information and will effect your pay if not fully understood and followed. We expect some bumps so please be patient while this is implemented. Thank you!

How to enter the Temp Access now called the Workforce Portal:


Enter your Workforce Portal

Use the buttons below if you have any questions regarding Time Slips or how to use the new portal.

Instructions on how to use the New Workforce Portal .
Click on the button below to view and or download information.


Enter your Breaks and Mileage also.
Please remember this!
— Tri-State Nursing

Take a picture with your smart phone and upload it to our new Workforce Portal. Click buttons below for instructions. 

*IMPORTANT: When you take a photo of your time card please take time to review it to make all of the information is able to be seen. Be aware of shadows, bent or crumpled areas, items covering, highlights, etc. and please be safe taking shots, Please do not take pics while driving.