Student Testimonials:

Sonya and Tammy,

I just wanted to thank you for a great CNA training at Tri-State Nursing Learning Center. Sonya, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Tammy, thank you for your support during our clinical. I passed my State Test in Sheldon yesterday and was well prepared by both of you.

I would like to forward a compliment my tester told me yesterday. My tester acknowledged that the instructors at Tri-State Nursing are doing a terrific job and send well prepared students to CNA tests Sheldon.

Thanks again,

Name withheld by request

Jes C. - "Good Morning Sonya. Assuming you read this in the morning. I wanted to let you know I passed both my written and skills test today! Wahoo! Also I wanted to thank you for everything. You are one amazing and inspiring lady. I appreciate all the knowledge that you passed on to me. I got an 89 on the written and 259 out of 271 on the skills test. I feel great about it. Tell future students that the best advice I can give is to study. To take all of the instructor's advice and tips seriously. Stay calm and remember the little things, such as locking wheels, privacy measures, and raising and lowering the bed. And most importantly to believe in themselves.. And to keep doubt and negative thoughts out of their minds. Good luck to all future CNA students. And best of everything the world has to offer to you Sonya! Peace and love.

Yours truly,

Jes C. 

Facility Testimonials:

Theresa L. - My charge nurses are very pleased with all the CNAs who have been helping us out!  Please be sure to tell them they are doing good work.


Tamara L. - I am one of the supervisors of Dawn Wilson. It is important that I tell you what an awesome person she is and how she is very wonderful and dedicated to helping the members in the best way possible. Also I appreciate that she is very cooperative and does what is asked of her. The other night she was here and we had a member who was passing away and she sat in the room with him to comfort him. It was such a blessing to have her to work with us. It is a true blessing to our facility. Thank you.


CJ H. - On March 2, 2016 a nurse from your facility (Kathy Blair) was sent to my home to teach me how to inject my Humira and I wanted to tell you a few things about her (all amazing!!). The first contact that I had with her was the day before wanting to confirm the time and the address of the appointment. I like the fact that she wanted to be prepared and to prepare me in case I had forgotten (which is totally possible since I forget everything). On the day of, she arrived a few minutes early to ensure that she could find my home and set out her materials. My husband arrived a couple minutes later and she welcomed him and encouraged his participation so that in the event that I could not do my own injection he would be able to do it for me. She washed her hands (which is awesome because I see doctors go from patient room to room never washing their hands. I need to live as germ free as possible due to the nature of the medication so her washing her hands prior to handling my medication pen was necessary and very much appreciated).

The next issue was her attitude and personality. I have been poked and prodded over the last year awaiting a diagnosis and Kathy in a nutshell was nicer and more personable than many of the healthcare professionals that I have been subjected to. She listened with empathy while I explained the plight of my journey to diagnosis. She could have easily have rolled her eyes, or cut me off when speaking to hurry the process along but she didn’t and that meant the world to me. She is definitely in the right profession because she has the necessary compassion and empathy to set people at ease.

Kathy made certain that both my husband and I were comfortable touching and holding the pen and doing the injection. She told us about the loud click and how it can make one jump and advised to hold the pen firmly but not stabbing it into the leg upon the sound of the click. She made sure we understood the steps: remove from fridge, wash hands, alcohol swab allowing to air dry, holding pen firmly on the injection site, and pressing plunger and counting to ten or until the yellow is seen in the window. She also advised to check color of the medication and if it was anything but clear not to use and contact pharmacy.  She advised that we were ready to do the first injection. I told her I would allow my husband to do the first one because I was not sure that I would not jump and mess it up. She had him speak the steps aloud while performing them and the injection was done just fine. It did burn as she promised but at least she gave me a heads up.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I just wanted you to know how amazing Kathy is and what a wonderful job she does. Y’all were definitely a God send and positive beginning to my medication journey. I thank you so very much for employing someone like Kathy and having an agency that is filled with obvious great management and customer service goals. I will never forget her hospitality, compassion, and professional service. Thank you so very much. I appreciate your agency very much.


Employee Testimonials:

Michelle S - Best job I've ever had....great employers and I love my job and plenty of time with my family since starting Tri-State Nursing

Tilly A - Work[ed] for them for a short time and I loved it!! Great workers!!

Jules N - BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE!!!!!! Love this company!!!!!!!!

Maria I - Awesome company to work for.

Melissa A - Worked for them in Omaha in 2007 loved it.