Three $500 Winners!


April Walker
CNA (with other Certifications) in the South Dakota Region

Colleen Race
LPN in the Nebraska Region

Michelle Terrones
CNA in the Iowa Region

A couple fun related stories

Marie (IA Account Manager) said Michelle was thrilled and grateful! This reward came at a time where she needs it most. Has worked really hard to balance work and school. We are glad that her perseverance and dedication paid off for her.

Sidney (SD Account Manager) called April, but because she was driving had her pull over because she had news, and told her: “Because you worked 200+ hours in March and didn’t miss any shifts through the month and all that weather, you have won the perfect attendance contest for March for $500!” She was VERY excited and thankful. She said she loves working here for these reasons and is very grateful! (:  … told her to keep up the good work, and that this doesn’t mean that she has the right to cancel on me in the future 😉