Winners of the Postcard Promotional


Joe Donnelly $125 Winner

My name is Joseph Donnelly and I am a Registered Nurse. I am a Western Iowa Tech Nursing Alumni who has remained in the non profit sector of nursing through my career. 
Initially specializing with individuals diagnosed with brain injuries I have since began working in a skilled care facility as an overnight charge nurse where I am responsible for caring for those in a 19 bed facility and assisting others as needed in sister sites.
 I was a late bloomer getting involved with the medical field and encourage any on the cusp of returning to academia to do so and follow their dreams. As a husband and father of two I can attest the initial difficulties are far surpassed by the feelings of achievement and the multitudes of rewards brought on by becoming a Nurse. 
Nurses are full of care, integrity, pride , and responsibility.  We take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. We put in long hours and do for others above ourselves.
Because of this I thank you my fellow Nurses, my colleagues, my friends, and all the families that share their loved ones so they may assist in the endeavor of providing quality care to patients, residents, tenants, and persons served.
Thank you. 

Kianna Sitzman $250 Winner

Hey I'm Kianna im 21 in nursing school and I work with Tristate because it is convenient with school and you pick your hours!


I work at Mercy Medical Center on the ortho/neuro floor. I have been a nurse for about 3 1/2 years.